Saturday, March 3, 2012

Doing The Right Thing

Requires Additional Research

The other day, there was someone trying to convince me that the Keystone XL pipeline was going to provide jobs and lower gas prices.

That didn’t sound right to me, so I did little research and found out it will do just the opposite. (Read)

As some of you know I try to eat organic foods or the nutritional value, and I like to think that grass fed, cage free, free range, and all the rest of the catchy slogans actually mean what I think their saying.

Now I find that the organic jumbo eggs I get from Trader Joe’s, are not from happy chickens pecking and clucking around the barnyard.

Much to my dismay, the chickens laying the eggs for Trader Joe’s organic jumbos, may be cage free, but they are packed so closely together in warehouses, that they would peck each other to death if they were not de-beaked. (Read)

Whatever is a fellow to do? I found a site that had a scorecard for organic egg producers, (eggs), and I checked that to see whose eggs are actually from happy chickens.

I guess I will have to ask around, and find out where my fellow concerned citizens get their eggs. I am pretty sure that if I were to get up before noon on Saturdays, I could get organic barnyard eggs at the farmers market.

So I have learned to stay vigilant, and keep an eye on who is producing the goods and services that I enjoy and trust.

There seems to be a certain point when a small business becomes too large to maintain the integrity that was responsible for its initial success.

When a business becomes huge and incorporated, the tendency is to neglect the product and focus on the bottom line. This means that as a consumer, one must constantly investigate to be sure that the picture on the box represents the product within.

Today’s Somehow Appropriate Video;

Happy Food Is Healthy Food

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