Friday, September 13, 2013

Amazing Discoveries Daily

The Gift Is The Present

They keep on coming

There were a lot of interesting stories in the news blogs today, like the 233,000 gallon molasses spill that is suffocating sea life in Honolulu Bay. Who knew? Smithsonian

Watching my every move, daily

This video clip explains the Keystone XL Canadian tar sands pipeline;

Fun composition

The duo with John is proceeding smoothly toward fruition with 2 likely gigs in November. The more we practice with the duo in mind, we are finding more intricate and satisfying ways to play the music with our guitars. I am enjoying singing to the developing chordal harmonies and rhythms, too.

You lookin’ at me?

I wonder if a name like, ‘PJ Express’, will be needed for the duo? That one keeps popping up in my mind. I am thinking our actual names would work just fine, too.

Red in the setting sun

Today I received my PHP card. It is some sort of privatized addition to MediCal that has generated about the same volume of paperwork as the privatized prescription drug plan the pharmaceutical companies slipped into Medicare during the dark days of the Bush administration. I get to keep my PCP, and Raley’s will continue filling my prescriptions. Everything remains the same, except an additional hand is in the MediCal till.

I guess it’s a good thing that the republicans get a piece of the MediCal pie. They are less likely to campaign against helping the poor if the program puts money in their corporate pockets.

Another beautiful photo subject

I feel fortunate to have received help from MediCal when I was very ill and hospitalized without insurance. Like many unrealistic American men, I didn’t think I needed health insurance and never gave it much thought. Luckily, some forward thinking people in our state government had a plan in place for people like me, and the ‘Nanny State’ saved my life.

Katydid, or Katy didn’t

The katydid, and the Mantis were watching me intently as I took their pictures. Some people find it unsettling to see these insects turning their heads and carefully studying us as we study them.

Taken with the Lumix FZ35

I get a lot of delight and satisfaction each time I manage to photograph the moon in exquisite detail. For many years, a picture like the one above seemed unobtainable. What a rich and pleasing life this is when I take the time to appreciate the uncountable treasures that surround me day to day.

Over the past two days, there were too many good feeling pictures to fit on the pages of this blog, individually. So, I strung a bunch together, found a song from a Monday P&P Jamboree that was about the right length, (Twilight Time), and made…

Today’s Video;

Heavenly Shades Of Delight

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