Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Afternoon

And All Is Well

Yogurt, fresh fruit and granola

The last time I was at Raley’s, I picked up a 32 oz container of Strauss, European Style, organic, whole milk, plain yogurt. It cost less than 2 of those tiny organic yogurts with the “fruit” on the bottom.

Friday afternoon cloud over Lassen Park

I wasn’t sure what I would do with the yogurt, but I figured if it was in the fridge, something would come up where it would be the perfect ingredient.

That something occurred this morning at the crack of noon that helped me understood why I should have gone to Trader Joe’s the night before; No milk!

The next seeming unrelated happenstance becomes a significant piece of the present problem;

Lately, skipping the flakes in a bowl of fresh fruit and milk has been a healthy breakfast alternative to the customary organic whole grain cereal with fruit, so it wasn’t a monumental mental leap to envision a bowl of yogurt with fruit.

Flowering yucca type plant outside John’s violin shop

I liked this morning meal and intend to break tonight’s fast with yogurt and fruit, tomorrow morning.

A healthy combination of nutritious ingredients like I ate, is far, far better for human consumption than some corn sweetened, ‘dairy product’, held together with sawdust and guar gum. Particularly when it has artificially sweetened, artificially flavored, ‘berry’ jam at the bottom and calls it fruit.

Waterfall at Cypress and Pine, November 2012

Since I didn’t need to go get milk for breakfast, I could conserve some fossil fuel and reduce my global warming carbon emission contribution for today, by not driving.

Sometimes I can forget to ‘hang out’ and enjoy this cave I have decorated and furnished with devices, tools, and objects d’art that please me. What good are the things I have, if I don’t take time to use, admire, or appreciate them?

So, I began by cleaning up, and organizing the MacBook applications and photos. Everything on all the computers is backed up with Time Machine, (Apple’s physical data backup system), and iCloud, (backup at Apple’s data storage center).

In the process, I saw pictures I had taken with the Lumix FZ8 of the waterfall at Cypress and Pine last year. It seemed like one wanted to appear in today’s blog, so I acquiesced to it’s insistence. Nice picture, if I do say so myself.


The last time I was at Trader Joe’s, I got some frozen, wild caught, Alaskan cod and a lime.
Lemons, for some reason, cost significantly more than limes. The lime worked wonders, and with a little fresh ground pepper I cooked a piece of fish in the oven and served it with Jasmine rice. It was delicious.

Dinner on Friday

I just remembered, fish on Friday was a part of my Catholic upbringing. I don’t think it is a requirement anymore, but it has been a lot of years since I have followed that particular set of rules for the heavenly bound.

Just like panatomic X

Among Friday’s cloud pictures was this one, (above). The trouble was the details were washed out by hazy wildfire smoke in the northstate air, but I remembered a trick from the days when I did black and white photography; A red filter can help give definition to clouds.

I tried it, and got a result that looks a lot like those black and white pictures that took hours in the darkroom to produce. Changing a color image to black and white, plus adding a red filter, takes less than a minute with modern technology. I am so glad.

Today’s Video;

Party Line?

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