Saturday, September 28, 2013

Love Of Nature

Respect For Life

Mount Shasta

Yesterday, (Friday), there was a scheduled test of the Treehouse Senior Apartments alarm system at 9am. The alarms are designed to be loud enough to alert those residents who may be hearing impaired.

They are uncomfortably loud for me, so I escaped to Shasta Lake, where nature, and the sounds of a few distant recreational vehicles, became the soothing soundtrack to my morning.

Mount Shasta

I took many pictures of Mount Shasta, the lake, and the forest scenery while I absorbed the refreshing atmosphere. There are some people who would over exploit these resources to make money, while leaving this natural beauty in toxic, ruinous condition as a result of their avariciousness.

Fortunately we have regulations to deter those who don’t understand the relationship between life and the natural world that supports and nourishes everything that lives here on earth. To keep those wrong headed, greedy fools from killing us all, we have laws, standards, and agencies, such as the EPA, to keep industries from polluting the air, water, and land.

Rose in the Sunshine

The love of money has captured an entire political party that is currently attempting a corporate takeover of our government. Each day, I sign petitions to include my voice with millions of others who are feeling threatened by the reckless greed that fuels the GOP as they attempt to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, so private enterprise can use the 2.6 trillion of dollar trust fund on risky Wall Street gambling.

Another happy, healthy breakfast

U. S. Trade Representative Michael Froman wants European countries to lower their environmental protections, so global oil companies can pollute our water, air and land and sell American tar sands oil to Europe. I signed a petition/letter, along with thousands of other people who haven’t lost their minds, telling him that is a very bad idea.

Some people think I am wasting my time trying to stop irresponsible behavior by signing petitions, demonstrating, writing letters, submitting editorial comments, or speaking out against lies and misinformation. I let them know, “I am doing what I can”.

Another spectacular Redding sunset

Today is beautiful
this is where I am
In the real world
Where it is always today

We can learn from the past
and help our tomorrows
be as beautiful
as this today

Today’s Nature Video;

Love Is Priceless

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