Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waiting For A Topic

To Jump Out And Wave

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

I have some great pictures to share with you.

Touchable rose

Usually there is some pressing topic to write about.

A large metal building reflecting the sun

Walking toward a good spot to look for the rising moon, I noticed a bright light across the valley. I took a picture. When I looked at the zoomed image on the computer, it looked like a giant rectangular solar panel reflecting the low angle sunlight. I guess it is a barn, or something, with no other structures for miles around.

Almost full Harvest Moon

I took a series of pictures and a short video of the moon.

Poked in the eye by a cloud

It was a treat for my imagination and sense of wonder as I watched the almost full Harvest moon rise through the colorful clouds.

Above the clouds and on it’s way across the night sky

A cool, 79 degree breeze made for a pleasant evening.

Flash assisted rose

There was another opportunity to experiment with distance, zoom, and flash photos of flowers in the light of dusk.

Okay. The pictures were the topic.

Today’s Video;

Comfort And Joy

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Haddock said...

Those shots of the moon are good.