Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Day

And That’s A Good Thing

Yesterday was good, too

I have been reading some enlightening and informative articles today. There is THIS ONE about the soil enriching benefits of crop rotation and fall planting of cover crops.

Rose parasol

Then, as a way to beat the heat, I read THIS ARTICLE about how the Arctic ice cap is reforming a cover that is becoming thinner each season. It includes an animation of satellite imagery that is fascinating, and frightening when you consider the implications.

Looking for the perfect dirt bath

Why are some southern white people more racist than others? Having lived in the south, I just had to read THIS STUDY to learn why some of my white southern friends could descend from warm and gentle people into ugly monsters when relating to their black neighbors. Spoiler alert: (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree).

Shake it birdie, shake it

If you have been following the boat, Planetsolar, throughout its 5 month sail around the globe, (and who hasn’t?), you probably know that it sailed into Paris at the completion of it’s historic all solar powered voyage. ARTICLE

Roses in the setting sunlight

Then there was THIS ARTICLE, posted in the New York Times, that finds little research that supports the popular notion that skipping breakfast causes weight gain, or loss. I always figured that advice was created by Kelloggs or General Mills’ advertising agencies.

Just because I like having fun with photography

If all I did was read the various stories and reports that catch my eye, it would probably have a negative effect on my optimistic outlook. Fortunately, we humans have these marvelous brains that can allow higher, more powerful, functions, like music, art and literacy. I can find my bliss with music, art, and that uniquely human invention; books.

Natural image - cropping only

Sometimes, nature gives me the best possible images. Like this rose, (above). It needed no touch ups, color balancing, contrast changing, lightening, darkening, sharpening, or effects of any sort. I gaze upon the beauty of this world in which I live and am so thankful that I can experience and appreciate the gift of being ‘alive’.

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