Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Enjoying Life

With Pleasant Sensory Immersion

Happy Phil

At four o'clock on Mondays, at the Treehouse, we take a one hour vacation from our problems, and share the happiness that music can bring. The TV is off, no discouraging words are heard, and aches, pains, trials and tribulations are left outside the door.

Quail enjoying a refreshing dust bath

One can’t help but be negatively affected by the oppressive weight of bad news that spews from TV and radio, day in and day out. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people, here at the Treehouse treasure Monday’s hour of refreshing melodic comradery.

I love it.

Thank you, everyone who makes this magic possible.

A stand out rose

Sometimes, a photo subject and composition will call out to me from afar. I nearly missed this photogenic rose, but it flashed in my peripheral vision, like the movement of a mouse makes a sparkle on the retina of a cats eye.

I got two wonderful images from this same rose.

Perfectly natural, outdoor sunlit rose

A partially lowered umbrella provided a curtain of blue background to the late afternoon light that defined the colors, curves and edges of this September rose. I am glad I took the time to capture that special moment, so you can enjoy it, too.

LED light bulb in my reading lamp

During 100+ degree weather, I try to eliminate as many heat generators as possible, so that I am not wasting energy that it takes to power the air conditioner. One of those heat sources is the coffee pot. Once the coffee is brewed, I pour it into an insulated carafe and turn off the Mr. Coffee.

To keep food cool, the refrigerator radiates heat into the kitchen. For the moment, I can’t do much about that. One day, this inefficient refrigerator will be exchanged for one that saves energy and is quieter.

I have replaced my cathode ray tube TVs, with LED screens and am using a cool MacBook Pro notebook computer. That helps cut down on wasting air conditioned cooling.

Other household items that put out heat, are light bulbs. It has been over 5 years since I replaced the energy wasting incandescent hot light bulbs with CFLs and fluorescent tubes, but even the curlicue bulbs get warm. Enter the LED bulbs. Daylight spectrum light that uses less than a watt to operate and helps me keep my cool. As the saying goes, “What’s not to like?”.

Amaryllis, naked in the afternoon

I highly recommend filling ones time with happy thoughts and activities that provide pleasurable outcomes. I have learned that cheerful living is one of the sure pathways to prosperity and a satisfying sense of purpose.

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