Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Is...

Piano Month

Escaped Zin in the west meadow

Always happy to discover another something, or somebody has a month. Piano Month is celebrated at the Royal Conservatory, too. I learned that the Royal Conservatory has 120 pianos and a team of 6 technicians to keep them all tuned and maintained. It makes my ears ring, just thinking about all that tuning.

Dottie told me this is purple sage

I always wondered what purple sage looked like. It doesn’t look like the kind of sagebrush that I think of when I sing about “the sage in bloom, is like perfume”, but when I looked it up and saw images of many varieties of sage, my vision of sage in bloom was expanded greatly.

The sun is a star in my view

The guy, who had been giving me haircuts for the past five years, moved to Sacramento earlier in the summer. I have been trying out new places.

Good one

The woman who cut my hair at the latest place I am trying out, also trimmed my eyebrows with the electric shaver and a comb. I guess that’s better than waiting until the hairs get long enough to poke me in the eye. She sheared off my unibrow, too.

Even better

I’m not sure about the eyebrow gap. I have the feeling that will require shaving or something extra to keep groomed. I will keep an eye on it.

It is the star shaped reflection of the sun that prompted me to post the picture. One rarely gets a natural star shaped eye twinkle. One generally has to add a twinkle in post production.


Today’s Video;

Bach To The Future

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