Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Windy Evening

Calmer Tonight

Crows enjoying the wind

I am creating a backlog of blog worthy photos, again. One solution would be to post a few of the images with a simple topic, or two. I am pretty sure that’s basically what I do here as a rule, or format. I guess I forgot.

Each new rose is a lovely addition

An average person forgets four key facts or events every day.

I read that interesting tidbit in today’s email of news stories collected by Quartz. The sentence linked to The Indian Express where the story referred to a Daily Express report about research funded by Post-it sticky pads.

After finding, and adding links to this story, I forget what it is I wanted to write about it.

Curly proboscis between drinks

You may have to look closely, but this was a rare photo opportunity for me. The curl looked just like the proboscis on the plastic bug in the game of Cootie that kids played, when I was a kid.

Now that I have looked at images of the game on eBay, I can see that my imagination, or perhaps memory, is a bit more detailed, (like the butterfly proboscis in the picture), than the plastic bug part.

Mr. Coffee repairman outfit

4 phillips screws and 2 proprietary, ‘not hex’, nuts have to be loosened to remove the base of the coffee maker in order to do repairs to the plumbing. This is meant to discourage people from repairing this household appliance themselves.

Tiny lizard in the sun

Clearly, most people will just buy a new Mr. Coffee for $12, rather than send a broken one back to the factory for repairs. But, just in case someone knows how to fix these kinds of things, they add a couple of unusual screws that might mean a trip to the hardware store.

Bridges over the Sacramento river

This makes a person debate the cost of gas, and the search for the proper ‘driver’, (another expense), to remove 2 screws in order to take off the base so they might easily spot a loose hose and fix it. In most cases, that would be reason enough to just spend the $12 for a new one.

Once again, functional Mr Coffee

I am determined to not be wasteful, so I opened one end of the base enough to see inside and get a couple of my fingers in to feel around for a loose tube, or clamp.

I made sure that hose connections were snug and I re-tightened the base. Success! It works, once more.

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