Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Periodic Adjustments

In Time For The Coming Harvest Moon

Sunday Moon

Today’s Treehouse Jamboree was interesting, pleasant, and enlightening. Peggy got back from the hospital yesterday, so it was no surprise that her energy was not up to performing level. Today’s musician was, “P”, instead of P&P.

Driveway rose at dusk

Sometimes I am given the opportunity, responsibility, and pleasure of letting myself be an open conduit for musical energy. On these special occasions I can feel the joy flow through me in copious amounts to fill the hearts and spirits of any or all who wish to feel music’s power.

Monday’s moon rise

The Monday Jamboree, where I played as a one man show, opened my senses to a level where I confidently and comfortably, sang my way through the landscape of timeless melodies, stories, and emotions that reside in songs from a variety of writers.

Enchanted Purple Rose

I prefer to play with other musicians when I perform. It makes the music more interesting to me. However, when circumstances change. I have learned to change. It is now possible for me to hear, and feel the power of playing in a more energizing manner, even when playing solo. This is sort of difficult to explain, (isn’t it?).

Night flash flower photo

Let me put it another way; I had a great time singing and playing Sunday, and Monday, while being a conduit for the driving force of music.

Reds that are redder

Flash photography, from a distance, while zoomed in on flowers at twilight, is proving to be an enjoyable adventure in color density and definition. It is nice that there always seems to be another realm of discovery for this photographer/musician/artist/writer/philosopher/etc.

Drunk On Nectar

After nearly a month, I saw, and photographed a bee. They have been scarce while the temperatures are above a hundred and there is very little humidity. Bees can easily overheat and die when foraging under extreme conditions.

This particular bee, kept coming back to the same rose where it would roll around and rub pollen all over itself, again and again. A closer look reveals this bee is on its side, with its head turned to where it can get more nectar.

Today’s Video;

Lyrebird Soloist

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