Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Surmising

And Lofty Assumptions

Home 1951-1955 as it looks today

My brother Jerry sent me a picture of our old house in Pennsylvania, as it looks now. Well, as it looked last week when he took the picture.

Our dad had the house built, thinking we would stay there always. It looks like the house isn’t going anywhere, but the family did, just 4 years after we settled in.

Harvest Moon

The full moon, last week, was available for us to see in all it’s reflective illumination.

My neighbor, Jo Anna, told me it was spectacular to see just before sunrise when the the mountains shone in the moonglow. Sunrise often occurs about an hour or two after I go to sleep, so I missed that Kodak moment.

Harvest Moon

I did see the moon rise, two sunsets in a row, and I recorded some nice video of the event. The video is still in post production and final editing.

Photographer, and philosophically conversant neighbor, Margaret, brought her camera and tripod to the end of the driveway on the evening of the 20th, where we compared our moon pic techniques while photographing the Harvest Moon rising.

Lake Redding diversion dam

Sometimes, if I take the extra 5 minutes out of my busy schedule, (humor?), Caldwell park is always good for a refreshing pause. Flowing water clears the cobwebs and trash bins of my mind. (Not exactly a love song title)

I always feel refocused and filled with a sense of purpose after I visit the rivers, lakes, and mountain streams that surround this place.

Treehouse rose Friday

The Treehouse bushes are still producing flowers, and yesterdays rain has likely encouraged more growing activity.

Cheery colors Friday

I guess I had best go out and see what today’s afternoon sunshine reveals.

Happy equinox to all.

Today’s Video;

Happy Trails

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