Wednesday, October 2, 2013

T-Party Blames Obama

For Their Own Relentless Stupidity

With a touch of heavy cream

I got an email from Doug LaMalfa. It was a copy of the email that every republican representative sent to their constituents, today. Word for word it repeated same lies and misinformation that you can see and hear on cable news, talk radio, republican owned print media.

Clouds of fall

I wrote back;

Dear Congressman LaMalfa

I am not surprised to read the RNC boilerplate misinformation that you just emailed me.

I don't know if you have taken insurance company and Pharmaceutical company money in exchange for your attempts to deny healthcare to millions of Americans, but if you would like your name added to the pending indictment, please let the Attorney General know of your complicity, or lack thereof in this reckless action.

Phil Seymour

Rose and babies

I don’t really expect him to fess up. The ocean of money coming from various right wing organizations would evaporate faster than the free water he uses in his government subsidised rice fields if he spilled the beans.

I just had to write the sober truth regarding the T-party drunken attack on America last Monday. (You did read live reports stating that congressmen smelled like alcohol before 9 pm, right? If not, READ HERE)

Young Scrub Jay

Some of my good friends have been brainwashed by years of watching Fox news and listening to hate radio, daily. I don’t even discuss the insanity, or proud ignorance of the right wing extremists with them. Their ability to rationally comprehend current events has been hijacked by expertly written propaganda that reprogrammed their brain at the amygdala level to distruct facts or reasonable discourse.

Fall arrives at the Treehouse

I signed a bunch of online petitions today, to save the eagles, stop the shutdown, etc.
Not sure if they have any effect, but it makes me feel like I am doing something to save the world from those who don’t understand that we all live here.

Fun with CameraBag 2

I trust that we won’t be too inconvenienced by this indefinite state of unfunded government agencies that leaves us without regulation enforcement for safe food, clean water, air quality, toxic waste, pesticides, or CO2 emissions. Gee, when I put that way, it would appear that this shutdown is just what the greedy billionaire polluters wanted.

Mount Lassen Park Closed Until...

Today’s Food Video;

Statesmanship Thrown Overboard

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