Friday, October 4, 2013

A New Battery

And Green Eggs, Too

Rose holds leaf

It looks to me like this rose, (above), is holding the big leaf as though it is about to take a bite out of it.

It could be reading it.

Or, it might be licking the leaf with it’s green tongue.

What do you see?

Green eggs

One of Stuart and Sandi Taylor’s neighbors has Easter Eggers, and gave them their extra eggs. Sandi brought some to me last Thursday. What a nice treat.

Thank you Stu and Sandi.

October roses at the Treehouse

The Buick wouldn’t start Sunday, when I was ready to go home after I played for the Jefferson State Blues Society Jam at the Moose Lodge. I got a ride home with Lee, (one of the musicians there for the jam).

On Monday, Sandi drove me over to Mike Cary’s Tire and Auto Repair where I handed Mike the keys and asked if he would find the problem and fix it. Fortunately, the Moose lodge is just two doors up Lake Blvd from the shop and it might not require a tow.

Cary’s Tires and Auto Repair

I talked on the phone with Mike Cary on Tuesday. He had already started the car and brought it to the shop. He explained what he had discovered, fixed, and we discussed what else needed doing. 

Thanks Mike.

Sandi was here Thursday and kindly drove me over to pick up the repaired Buick.

When I called Marian, later that evening, I left a message saying, “My car is out of the shop”.

As I said that, I realized it was the first time I had ever referred to the Buick as, 'My car'. I guess that after having owned it for 6 years, or so, I finally understand it really is my car.

Treehouse rose in it's yellow stage

Some of you may have followed the making of a John Harrison viola here, on this blog as I photographed the process for an iBook that I made for the iPad.

Well, the viola is going to get a new finish. This means that there is more to the story, and I will be updating the iBook, (or writing a new one). John is currently making a new viola that I started following and photographing through the creation process, so maybe 2 books.

John shapes a back for the new viola

Here it is October, once again, and it is so nice to still be here sharing the bountiful goodness and beauty of life as seen from my little corner of the world with you.

I am ready for 3 months of pumpkin pie, and maybe this season I will make the pumpkin bread from the package I bought last year at Trader Joe’s. If not, it will continue to provide company for the 5 year old unopened box of biscuit mix, sitting close by in the same cupboard.

Today’s Inspiring Video;

Transcendental Arts

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