Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Couple Of Cool Days

High 60’s - Low 70’s

Lots of roses

The flowers are loving this weather. Many of the Treehouse fall flora are showing up for November photo opportunities.

Josephs Coat on Monday

One of my favorites is the Josephs Coat rosebush on the corner of the patio and sidewalk.

Josephs Coat on Tuesday

I have to remember to water that tiny bush. The soil under it doesn’t hold water for long. I suppose one could say that that spot has good drainage.

Phil and John  (Photo credit - Margaret Miller)

The Phil Seymour Band played on Sunday for the Jefferson State Blues Society. We were the first in a lineup that included, The Blues Rollers, and Mike Brown’s band.

A good time was had by all.

Pink rose on Tuesday

Another good time was had on Monday at the Treehouse Jamboree with the P & P Duo. It was a great couple of days worth of spirited singing and playing. I am a lucky man.

Like holding a little bird

I am currently reading an interesting book about nature’s orchestra, from which we humans learned music. It is called, “The Great Animal Orchestra - Finding The Origins Of Music In The World’s Wild Places”, by Bernie Krause.

As one who also makes recordings of nature with condenser mic’s and a field recorder, I can relate to Bernie as he describes his epiphany when he first recorded nature’s sounds.

He discovered the difference between hearing and listening when he listened, through amplified headphones, to the magnificent orchestra of our natural soundscape. This world will never sound the same to Bernie Krause.

Hiding in the bush

I am inspired to go out to  my favorite natural sound environments and make recordings using some of the new equipment I have accumulated since the last time I  recorded at the source of the Sacramento river, ( where water springs forth from the base of Mount Shasta after 50 years of slowly filtering through the mountain ).

A new rose appears

The bushes that have been bare for a month or two, are waking up again. It feels good to recognize and share the spirit of life with as many animals, plants, rocks, natural forces and features as possible during my time of opportunity, here on earth.

What a place. What a gift.

Today’s Video;

Aye, Aye, Yie, Yie

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