Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hunters Moon

Coming This Weekend

Balcony View

I have written a word or two about the Hunters Moon, in this blog.
Here is  what I wrote in 2008;

With the leaves falling and the deer fattened, it is time to hunt.
The harvested fields are the perfect place to hunt up a main course for
a fall banquet. As the animals come out to glean, they are easy to see.

One of my favorite constellations is visible from now until next summer,
Orion, the hunter. Orion appears to travel across the night sky
from east to west. Things are looking up when you see Orion.

Read a whole lot more about the Hunters Moon, HERE.

Another healthy, delicious breakfast

There is also a bit of a lunar eclipse on Friday the 18th. I have read that it will be best seen from Africa. So if you are going to be over that way, this Friday, you can see the moon pass through earth's shadow, (or earth’s shadow falling upon the moon).

Tonight’s balcony view of the moon

Did you know that a lot of people think that all the oil and gas drilling going on in this country is for our use, here in the United States. I guess that’s what they are hearing on TV or radio. The truth is; Oil companies are extracting our oil and selling it to other countries.

A quick read of the Oil and Gas Journal (LPG Market News), points toward reality. Our land, water, and air is being polluted, poisoned, and degraded, to pump and frack petroleum products for export to the highest bidders in the global market.

Bird water fountain

Today’s Video;

In With The Good

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