Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Night

And No Shasta Blues Society Jam

October colors

Here it is another Thursday night, and I'm staying at home, not playing music with the band. I have grown very used to playing every Thursday night at Lulu’s, since 2008.

Thursday night moon

I suppose I should be more aggressive in finding a job for the band, (or duo), once or twice a month somewhere. Actually, I think I should be finding a talent agency, or manager. That usually produces much better gigs than I can solicit on my own.

Family portrait

John and I are planning to play some more tunes tomorrow at the shop. I'll likely record that with my best recording equipment, so we can use it as a demo. If nothing else, I can figure out how I want to record the two guitars, and vocals. That way I can be sure of getting a good recording of our next, scheduled, live performance in November.

Wednesday evening moon

So far, this month of October is starting out very pleasant, here in Redding.

In India, they're not having such mild weather. There is a super typhoon about to make landfall there on Saturday. Cyclone Phailin is half as big as India itself.

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The last time a storm of this size hit India, 10,000 people lost their lives, (The Odisha Cyclone in 1999). Imagine the chaos, if a storm that big were to come ashore, here in the United States.

Pink rose in the sunlight

Perhaps there will be a concert to raise money to help after the storm.

For the time being, I can play music with Peggy on Mondays at the Treehouse Jamboree. Plus, I've been playing music with John, and other musicians on Sundays at the Jefferson State Blues Society jam.

So I sing and play 2 days a week. Life is good in my world.

Sunlight behind October leaves

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