Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lack Of Legislators

In The Legislature

Waxing Hunters Moon

How I miss the time when our congress was populated with distinguished, learned, savvy statesmen, who were elected to their positions because of their knowledge and respected achievements in the field of governance. Sure, we had an occasional screwball, but we had plenty of competent legislators to keep the wheels of democracy turning.

Bird amongst the pebbles and acorns

Today we have 4.5 billion dollars and 900,000 jobs lost as a result of incompetent, celebrity seeking, dimwits in the halls of congress.

How did they get there?

Colorful leaves of fall

They got there as a result of a few billionaires, who spent astonishing amounts of money to fund a massive sales campaign that convinced gullible voters that they were watching a new reality show instead of elections. They voted for the prettiest, funniest, and the wackiest contestants, like it was a TV show.

Pink rose along the Treehouse driveway

Hopefully, the T-Party seditionists will be arrested and sent to Guantanamo to await trial along with the conspirators who created them. At the very least, it is very unlikely that these nincompoops will get elected to any public office again.

Hunters moon and light fixture

Here is something to chew on; If someone has figured out some tasty ways to cook and serve jellyfish, now is the time to open your restaurants, packing plants, and produce your own syndicated Jellyfish Cooking Show. There will be plenty of them for years to come.

What is causing this invasion? If you said, “Overfishing and Climate Change”, you are correct.

Unfortunately, there are people who, without consulting any jellyfish experts, (or even a science book), are ‘eliminating the jellyfish’ with robots that chop the animals up into tiny pieces. Problem solved? Nope.

Every mulched jellyfish will now be 100,000 - 200,000 tiny polyps that grow up to be, (you guessed it), that many more jellyfish. Lots more jellyfish news.

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