Saturday, October 19, 2013

Electrons Amok

Solar Flares Perhaps

Hunters Moon

Maybe the Full Hunters Moon is adding to the discord in my digital domain?

Some digital things are working perfectly. In fact, some devices are working wonders, producing spectacular results like the images here on tonight's post.

An artist’s delight

I guess the glitches all seem connected to; “Ida, (sweet as apple cider)”. When I first located the sheet music for Ida, it was on I had just finished purchasing and printing sheet music from, and I expected the same smooth process from SMD. That was on Saturday the 12 of October.

Mount Lassen just before moonrise

The short version is; It still isn’t printed. Tonight, after over a week of back and forth with the support department, I figured out a way to get the sheet music to show notes. Yay! I sent it off to the wireless Epson 710 printer in the other room.

Hunters Moon rising

I didn’t hear any printing sounds emanating from the bedroom, so I went in and checked. The display indicated that something was wrong with the Light Cyan ink cartridge. That didn’t seem right. I had just replaced that one last month. I wiggled it, took it out, looked at it, put it back in, and…… still didn’t work.

A red leaf artfully fell on a shrub

Checking the printer ink supply shelf revealed 3 spare Cyan cartridges, but no Light Cyan spares. Sheesh! Oh well, I figured I could use the HP1455 and get Ida printed. The printed pages won’t push the margins as far as I like with the HP, but it is mostly my graphic design sense that gets offended.

Inspiring love since life on earth began

I loaded some good paper, tapped the print icon on the Scorch sheet music printing window, and….it thought I had successfully printed the page. So I needed to re-purchase the sheet music, or contact technical support. I emailed support, and got a reply that stated they would get back to me on Monday, The saga continues.

Looney for Luna

What a wonderful world it would be if a slight delay in printing the sheet music for a song from an online sheet music company was the biggest problem anyone had to face.

Today was sunny and beautiful here in Redding. The moonrise was inspiring. Dinner was delicious. Life is good to me.

Today’s Video;

In The Key Of Happy

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