Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Birds

The Spring Hatchlings Are Grown

Morning view

The latest crop of birds have been singing in the trees outside my windows. They are announcing that they are grown up and ready for some action. They sing, chirp and chatter throughout the days, filling the Treehouse soundscape with their singing love letters.

Open today

Today I tried the new version of iMovie. I have some video projects that I am ready to produce, so I figured I would start today.

The new version is not acceptable.

Most of the features I use for video production have been stripped away, and a simplistic iPhone type of play-toy movie maker is pretending to be an improved version of the iMovie video production application.

More grand openings

I swiftly wiped that thing off my MacBook Pro and replaced it with the ‘real’ iMovie, (like I did when I got rid of that insulting Pages 5.0 upgrade the day before).

Time Machine to the rescue, again.

Turbines on Hatchet Ridge

I rated both Apps as one star at the Mac App Store, (If they had minus stars, I would have used them). I wrote honest reviews about each application that warned unwary customers that the new Pages and iWork are not up to OSX quality standards. Then I advised them how best to remove the ungainly travesties by replacing them with previous versions.

I also suggested that Apple executives apologize to their loyal Mac customers.

New rose by Kathern’s gate

I suspect that since Steve Jobs is gone, there are some previously subordinate employees who think they can do things better than Steve Jobs did. They thought they could sell a lot more Mac computers if they made Mac software look and perform like the stuff on iPhones and iPads. Then, they figured the iPhone people will want to buy Mac computers.

Who they ignored are the millions of loyal Mac customers who use their iMacs and MacBooks for business, design, music production, video production, print ready graphics, and other purposes that require sophistication, and advanced user tools.

Another view of the new rose

It makes me wonder what other foolishness those misguided executives included in the Mavericks operating system? I may want to reinstall Mountain Lion if I don’t notice any big improvement in Mavericks performance.

I am glad I have some options to make things right, again.

Now it’s time to listen to the pair of horned owls outside, calling to each other. They call back and forth until they, and the separate hoots, become one. They harmonize in ‘perfect’ thirds. The female sings the tonic, and the male sings a third above.

I love this place.

Today’s Lovely Video;


Thank You Mother Nature

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