Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Right Wing Agenda Exposed

T-Party Left Holding The Bag

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This is too important to ignore, though it should be no surprise to anyone who doesn’t watch Fox news, or listen to talk radio. Those who do watch and listen to right wing propaganda, have been brainwashed to ignore facts, logic, science, and reality. So for them, it may take sometime before they can accept that they have been flim flammed.

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The billionaire Koch brothers have turned their backs on the ultra right wing organizations they have been funding. They published a letter, on Koch Industries letterhead, denying that they have been funding the Republican shutdown of our government. This was after their plans to take control of the country were exposed this week in the New York Times, and in Congress on Wednesday;

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The list of Koch funded right wingers includes Americans for Prosperity, American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and scores of other patriotic sounding groups that promote the John Birch/Tea Party/Libertarian anti-Democracy ideology. An astonishing in-depth investigative report from Daily Kos

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I certainly hope that exposing the billionaires plans to take over the U. S. government will put an end to the debacle caused by unqualified tea party whacko’s in congress. It would be nice to return to a smooth running government that isn’t averting a new/old crisis every week.

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In case you want to know how the government shutdown was 80 years in the making, you can find out in this report from Think Progress.

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Finally, a trailer for a documentary that adroitly handles a subject that I have been writing about in as many different ways as I have been able to think of. This movie maker handles the topic with care and love of family.

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