Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Great Music

Great Fun

Happy trees of October

My modest world is filled with the treasures of fulfillment and satisfaction. THis is primarily the result of interactively sharing music with high quality musicians the past two days. I love those kind of musical moments that are inspiring to the players, and are also felt by those who hear, and experience that joyful exchange.

Tiny bright butterfly

I do have one problematic perplexity...

Why can’t a pie that is advertised as, “no sugar added”, actually be a pie with no sugar added?

Fall color rose

I fell for that mislabeling of food, (again), this afternoon when I was at Raley’s. I haven’t been buying their apple pies lately, because they are too disgustingly sweet. But, I saw they had pies with, “no sugar added”, written on the box.

“Oh boy”, I thought. “This could be the answer to my long time quest for a pie without added sugar.”

Best nectar on the bush

I saw Robin working in the bakery, and I said; “I can’t read the tiny print for the ingredients. Do you know if there is any fake sugar stuff in this pie?”

He replied, “No added sugar of any kind.” I thanked him and added the pie to my cart.

Camouflage experts

After I got home, I put away the few items of food I had purchased, and took care of some things around the apartment. Then, with gleeful anticipation, I cut a small piece from the newly purchased no sugar added pie. 

A piece of apple fell off the knife onto the golden brown top crust of the pie. I picked up the apple with my fingers and popped it into my mouth, while placing a dish containing the slice of pie into the microwave to warm.

Gaaah! That little bit of apple had a horrible, overwhelmingly unreal sweetness to it. Noooooo! My taste buds went haywire, the apple no longer tasted like apple. It tasted alien and wrong.

By Kathern’s gate

I plucked the magnifying glass from the oversized coffee mug that holds pens and pencils on the kitchen counter and used it to examine the pie box label very carefully. There it was, hiding between potassium sorbate and soybean oil; Aspartame!

Pink on green

So much for the no added sugar pie. The next time I see him, I will let Robin know that this weird tasting chemical stuff is in the pie.

Moth in the stairwell

I wonder how long it will take to get this awful taste out of my mouth? 

I wonder how long it will be until food tastes good again? 

I wonder why I don’t keep a magnifying glass with me when I go shopping?

Like a painting

I wonder if I can make my own pie without sugar? How hard can it be?

Today’s Geometrical Video:

Round And Round She Goes

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