Friday, October 11, 2013

All Hail

The Mighty Microbe

Without microbes, there would be no life on earth.

Our skin protects us because it is covered with salmonella.

We are comprised of 10 times as many non-human microbes as human microbes.

Humble bumble bee

I think we need to start teaching more detailed science classes in our schools. There are some people who are so badly introduced to information about life on earth, that they actually prefer to believe a fanciful tale, than fascinating scientific results from geology, biology, radiology, history, astrophysics, and other interesting disciplines.

All these shoes claim to be size 9

While in the shower, today, I realized that most people believe that the earth is 70% water.

What we should be teaching is; The outer surface of the earth is approximately 70% water. The earth itself is only 0.02% water.

It is little bits of largely misunderstood data like 70% water, that lead people to believe unfounded extrapolations that result in erroneous conclusions and fabricated fallacies.

Friday’s moon

Just a quick note; Because of the T-Party government shutdown, I was unable to access the vast amounts of online data, normally available on government websites where I usually gather facts, images,(like microbes), and links to further information.

Moth on stairwell rail

I guess what I was first getting at tonight, is that we have to start respecting microbes and stop tilling the soil, stop manufacturing antibacterial soaps, and start finding ways to keep microbial populations in balance rather than mass murdering them.

Locomotive at Turtle Bay

Our lives, and our future, depend on preserving healthy microbial colonies, within and without us.

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Life Is Sacred

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