Friday, November 8, 2013

A Voice In The Night

Singing Love Songs

Moon and Venus Friday

They weren’t exactly that close to each other in reality, but due to spatial constraints and page design balance, I took the liberty of rearranging the cosmos to make these two heavenly bodies fit in the frame.

Southeast Treehouse patio rose

It seems like the flowers get prettier every time I go out my door. I can’t help but check on how each one looks during the changing light of the day.

Yellow rose with blue flower background

I now have a pretty, flowering plant on my balcony.

Plant on the balcony

It belonged to my neighbor, Connie Culpepper. Her daughter, Darlene, gave it to me while she was here removing Connie’s things from her apartment. I enjoyed Connie’s mischievous sense of humor and her artistic projects. She will be remembered with a smile.

Little rose in the afternoon sun

Today’s Video;

No Place Like Home

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