Sunday, November 3, 2013

Any Way The Wind Blows

Turning Back The Time

“I’m pretty sure it’s fall back”...................”Will the sun know when to rise?”

A little bird told me.

Rose open on Friday

The breeze seems to be letting up, now that it is 2:37am, but the winds started yesterday evening, so the actual time for the breeze to be diminishing would be an hour more than indicated on this computer. Glad that’s all cleared up.

Same rose on Saturday

Good morning. I awake to a new, time adjusted day. It's Sunday, I am pretty sure.

Busy bee

Cloudy and cool. Relatively cool for Redding, low 60’s with occasional leaf rattling breezes.

The leaves on the Asian pear trees become thousands of tiny wooden wind chimes as they dry out at the end of their yearly cycle. They are best heard deep into the night when the city soundscape noise fades, and more melodic sounds describe the darkness.

Forgot the name of these upside down flowers

Today is Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam day. Tomorrow is Treehouse Monday Jamboree day. Two days of music, songs written and played by musicians over the past 100 years. What fun.

“Sooo, what time is it?”...........................................”Time for me to go.”

Today’s Video;

Quoth The Raven

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