Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Current Events

And Old Stuff, Too

Wet tree by the balcony

There was some rain today in Redding. Nothing like the rain that nearly washed away everything on Sardinia, or the storms in Somalia, Vietnam, or Illinois.

Wet leaves on plant from Connie’s daughter

There was enough wetness to dampen the electrical system/computer components in the Buick. This causes a loss of juice to the starter, resulting in me not adding to any further  climate damage until tomorrow. 

Then my neighbor, Dean will give the car a jump from his heavy duty Wallmart jump-starter. Once it is started, I can continue making my modest CO2 contribution to accelerating global warming, with each drive to the store.

Aloe in the rain

In other weather news, I read that Washington, Illinois, (hard hit by a climate change related tornado), is represented by one of the republican climate deniers, Aaron Schock. (Story)

Yep, he even signed the Koch brothers pledge to obstruct any legislation that would regulate emissions from fossil fuel power plants. It will be interesting to see if he will ask for disaster aid for Illinois after voting against disaster relief for the New York victims of hurricane Sandy.

Apple pie #4

The pie is ready, so I took some time out from the weather stories.

The pie is actually weather related, though...

Had the car not been too damp to start, I would have used my time driving to John’s shop to rehearse some of the tunes for this Saturday, then down to the river to take some rain pictures, followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s to get food for tonight and the rest of the week.

Bird flees the frame

Instead, with the extra time accrued, I made an apple pie with Granny Smith and Pink Lady organic apples. As it was cooking, I began tonight’s blog entry.

Now, having had a piece, with ice cream, I must say that this is the best pie I have made, so far. The crust is so crusty and perfect it makes me reluctant to put the pie in the refrigerator before eating another piece. I will wait too see if I am hungry in an hour or two, before altering it’s consistency as a result of refrigeration.

New roses card

On Monday morning, while demonstrating some image color treatments for Sandi, I demonstrated my way to a great solution for a picture of roses that needed something to make it ‘card worthy’.

On Monday evening, while turning the picture into a notecard, I made a couple more cards from pictures I had taken during the day. The bird fleeing the frame, the two roses, and the Heartwarming Pale Rose. I am happy with the results.

Pale rose

I had intended to further explore the topic of why I write this blog, and who I write it for, anticipating that some useful insights might result from the exercise, but in the interest of time and space, it will have to wait.

Today’s Thrilling Video;

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