Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

Expressed In Pictures

Robin cafeteria

What a time to be alive. The world is at ones fingertips with the right device and an internet connection. It is possible to search and find information about anything one wants to research.

Blue, daisy-like flowers

For example; I am concerned that charter schools are being used as a tool to bring back segregation, so I look up that topic and discover that my concern is justified. The Koch brothers, (Tea Party/John Birch Society/etc.), have been funding pro charter school candidates in local school board races throughout the United States. (Recent Douglas County School district election in Colorado) The internet is a terrific tool for answers.

Dead plant reappears

I have a few amazing technical devices that give me internet access; Like this MacBook Pro I am using. It helps me make good sound recordings, produce quality videos, enhance photographs, design graphics, compose blogs, communicate with people around the world, and instantly find information about any subject I seek. This computer has expanded my information universe.

Tree topper

I was recently reminded how easy it is to think one should keep upgrading even though things are working fine the way they are. Forgetting that Steve Jobs is no longer at the helm of Apple, I upgraded to the latest OS-X operating system, anticipating that it would be an improvement like Apple upgrades have always been.

Beauty around the Treehouse

It wasn’t an improvement. It degraded the Mac experience. The fun, smooth operating, easy flowing, Steve Jobs inspired magic was erased from Mac computers with the installation of Mavericks.

Connie’s plant, happy on the balcony

For the moment the only improvement that this MacBook Pro needs, is to remove that poorly designed Mavericks operating system, and to reinstall Mountain Lion, (the previous operating system that works smoothly and reliably like Apple products are supposed to).

Homemade apple pastry

That should be pretty easy to do using Time Machine. With Time Machine I can travel back to the day before I installed Mavericks, and locate the Mountain Lion operating system. Time Machine will ask if I want to replace Mavericks with Mountain Lion, and I will tap on ‘yes’. Good riddance.

Previous white rose a day later

The Mavericks operating system that the new guys came up with is an insult, and it shows me that they don’t understand why millions of people have been using Apple computers all these years. Apple isn’t the same company without Steve Jobs.

Young pink rose

Now that I got that off my chest, I can fix my MacBook, forget about upgrades and updates, and get back to exploring the roadside attractions along the information highway, (like why ordinary people become insane shoppers on Black Friday).

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