Friday, November 8, 2013

If It's Sunny And Warm

It Must Be November

At the Treehouse

The weather is nice. One can wear short sleeves, shorts, or long pants. It’s November in Redding. Temps in the low 70’s. Very pleasant.

Newly donated piano

Margaret Miller overheard a couple of her friends talking about donating their piano to a church, or something. Margaret mentioned that the Treehouse could use a piano upgrade, so her friends delivered their Story and Clark piano and bench to the Treehouse on  Thursday morning.

I played a few test chords and melodies on it, and it really is is a great improvement in action and tone, as well as appearance. Looking forward to the Monday Jamboree to hear how Peggy and I will sound with this piano. Thank you Pat and Tom, (and thank you Margaret for making this happen).

The other breakfast I eat

I thought you might like to see the breakfast I eat 2 days a week. My 5 day a week, fresh fruit and flakes is such a colorful subject that I often post pictures of the berries and bananas breakfast. So, for the sake of variety, eggs and potatoes get the spotlight today. (Thank you Sandi)

Waxing moon and Venus

Just after sunset, the moon and Venus shone brightly in the western sky.

Apple pie and ice cream

I experimented with making an apple pie earlier this week. You may have read about my quest to find a pie that wasn’t so sugary. Sugar free pies are not unsweetened. They are worse than the excessively sugared kind. They contain the overpowering sweetness of fake sugar.

So I made my own pie out of sliced apples, crust, and a tiny pinch of organic cane sugar crystals on top. It was delicious.

Mount Shasta from the dam overlook

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