Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrating The End Of All Wars

Happy Armistice Day

“In a country that uses every possible occasion to celebrate its “warriors,” many have forgotten that today’s holiday originally marked a peace agreement. Veterans Day in the United States originally was called Armistice Day and commemorated the ceasefire which, at 11 a.m. on November 11, 1918, ended the First World War.” - Adam Hochschild

Saturday afternoon moon

Sunday Night
Getting the blues Jam started (Photo - Margaret Miller)

Sunday, was the Jefferson State Blues Society Blues Jam at the Moose Lodge on Lake Blvd, here in Redding. I got to open the night playing and singing with some of the musicians that play in The Phil Seymour Band, (at one time or another). It is an ever changing combination of some of Redding’s best players, who fit well with my singing, and John Harrison’s guitar embellishments.

With Mark Mlcoch on bass (Photo - Margaret Miller)

By the last 2 songs of the set, Mark Mlcoch, joined us on bass to round out the sound and lift the music another notch. Sarah Papenheim played drums. It was fun, as music should be, and I particularly enjoy seeing dancers dance to the new songs I have written with John.

Lassen Peak
Mount Lassen Saturday

Taking the two seconds of extra time required to include a tripod on photo excursions can make a significant difference in image clarity. When viewing the above image of Lassen, on a 50 inch monitor, one can see several flocks of birds flying across the valley.

Birds in the air

This enlargement, (above), is from the Mount Lassen image.  It gives you a good example of how much detail can be captured by simply using a steady tripod. A lot of detail can get lost when I shoot distant objects while holding the camera in my not so steady hands.

Pie number 2

I made another apple pie to my liking on Sunday night. It is my second pie, so I guess I have my recipe down to a science. Pie crust, apples, and a little sprinkle of sugar on top. It might be a bit more time consuming and complex if I had made the dough for the crust myself. Fortunately there are rolled out sheets of pie crust ready made in the freezer, or refrigerated section of grocery stores.

Connie’s planter and plant

What gives special meaning to this plant of Connie’s that her daughter gave me, is the planter that she painted. I didn’t include the planter in the image I posted previously, so I took a few more pictures that include Connie's planter artwork.

Yellow and shadows

So, there you have it. Time for me to read the rest of Little Green by Walter Mosley
It is another complex and captivating adventure featuring, ‘Easy Rawlins, veteran of world war II, black detective’, set in 1960’s Los Angeles.

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