Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beavers Moon Meandering

Some Folks Call It Frosty Moon

Beavers Moonrise Saturday Night

Tonight, I received an email in which the anti-women, anti-gay, republicans were dragging Christmas through their stinking political mud. They have no shame. No scruples.

Driveway crepe myrtle

Each year, Fox news presents “The War On Christmas”, complete with graphics and theme music. There is no war on Christmas, but Fox likes to beat the drums every year because their viewers love that stuff. The email faux Christmas card is part of that campaign.

Big Full Frosty moon

Last night, we had temps that were in the mid-30’s. It was back up to shirtsleeve weather in the daytime, but it was nice to not kick off the blanket when sleeping, last night.

Beauty on a stick

Tonight, at the Jefferson State Blues Society, Sunday Jam, Mike Brown, (drummer with the Phil Seymour Band), and the band, played a song that John and I wrote for Mike to sing. It was an instant hit with the dancers, and everyone seemed to enjoy hearing it. That was gratifying.

Full Frosty moon Sunday night

In case you have heard about the Sun’s reversing magnetic poles, and wish to know more, I have included this link to a NASA video that explains the recurring event in easy to understand, concise terms. The change of polarity has already begun.

An impressive pair of roses

It has taken 10 years to finally put an end to adding hydrogen to vegetable oil in order to increase flavor in otherwise bland tasting, processed and fried foods. The end to that unhealthy product is underway. Now, if we could do the same for HFCS, and GMO’s, we might all become much healthier. (10 things we have learned about fat, Smithsonian article)

Leaves with raised stems

I wish everyone a pleasant November under the waning Frosty/Beaver moon.

Tonight’s Nutrition Video;

Kindness Is A Socialistic Act

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