Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Shoppersgiving

Formerly Known As Thanksgiving

Colorful Treehouse Oak

Chances are that you have read about, (or have seen on TV), how businesses have expanded Black Friday until it has nearly devoured Thanksgiving.

It is unlikely that any of this blog’s regular readers will be abandoning hearth, family, football, or home, to participate in the commercialized shopping spree on Thanksgiving Day, but stores expect large crowds of bargain hunting shoppers.

Exquisite driveway rose

I still embrace the traditional warmth of family and friends, gathering together to give thanks for food, shelter, and the gift of community.

When my parents were alive, family members would make arrangements to gather together at our parents house for this occasion, even though we were spread out across the country, (and sometimes the globe).

Robin in the treetop

Thanksgiving was our American family tradition, with all of us around the table, sharing food, seeing our siblings, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, inlaws, invited guests, and remembering why some of us chose to go live in other cities and states.

Rambling rose

Actually, we had some wonderful Thanksgivings when I was younger. What could be more Norman Rockwell-ish than the November Pennsylvania countryside in the early 1950’s?

Tiffany Van Gogh

From our formal dining room, we could look out on farmers fields and clumps of woods through frosty windows that reflected our family sitting around a candle lit table covered with traditional foods in silver serving dishes. We were the embodiment of the 1950’s American fantasy.

Showoff pounces on a berry

I enjoyed watching the birds Wednesday around the Treehouse. The picture above captures one of the macho moves this male robin was doing to impress his mate, (or potential mate). He would fly about the branches with a flourish and daring do, then alight on a branch close to the other robin as if to say; “What-a-ya think of me now, baby?”

Yellow rose in the jungle

Over the years, I have been invited to be part of various family Thanksgiving dinners with wonderful people, all over the continental United States. I feel blessed and fortunate to have been a welcome member of different families Thanksgiving festivities by marriage, friendship, music, or common cause. This tradition continues today as I participate in Thanksgiving with my friends and neighbors here in Redding, California.

Mount Shasta

Happy Thanksgiving

Or, in this special year; Happy Thanksgivukkah

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Once In A Lifetime

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