Friday, November 15, 2013

One Is Not Enough

Two Make A Tastier Pie

Pie #3

Last night, I made my third apple pie. For my first two pies, I used 2 different kinds of apples. For this latest one, I only used Granny Smith apples. It was better than most ‘store bought’ pies, but not as good as the previous two pies I made with 2 different kinds of apples.

Confused tree

I have been observing, and photographing the trees next to the balcony of this 2nd story apartment, ever since I moved here in December of 2007. The average yearly temperature in Redding has been steadily rising each year that I have lived here.

Picture of confusion

I haven't looked at every picture I’ve taken of the trees, (yet), but this seems to be the first time this tree has been in three different stages at once.

The effects are compounded since the year that a tree service cut the trees back so severely, that they grew back out of synchronization with each other.

Thursday night moon

The trees, Asian Pear, (I think), blossom, leaf out, and change color at different times from each other. This was not the case before they were cut back. (One of the trees in front of A building, did not survive the cut back and had to be removed this year.)

No whales or walruses were killed to make this fake scrimshaw frame

I might attribute some of the odd arboristic behavior to the confusion of being out of synch with each other, (some are fully red leaved, some have lost their leaves, some are still mostly green), but they are all sprouting buds. Rising global temperatures are disrupting the established balance of nature and many of the changes are happening right before our eyes.

Driveway rose in dappled sunlight

The Treehouse roses continue to be attractive, to behold, and to bees, (other pollinators, too). I am drawn to photograph the colorful flora, everytime I step out into the warm, November sunshine.

Suitable for framing

One of the interesting surprises in the Treehouse plant world this year, are the feral zinnias that are growing down the hill from Dorothy’s flower beds. The seeds must have washed downhill the last time we had a heavy rain and unrestrained zinnias began showing up this summer.

Zinnias gone wild

Whatever the reason, for now, this place is a treasure to be observed, admired, photographed, and enjoyed at every opportunity.

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