Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How Do I Do, All That I Do?

I Have Help

The Birds

I live an inspirational life, in an inspirational place. That helps.


Fortunately, I know a wise and wonderful mentor who motivates me. That helps.

Bee photographer - (photo by Margaret Miller)

I have friends who look after me and share in the wonders of life. That helps.

New bass

I have music, instruments, people to play with, and places to play. That helps.

Yellow Treehouse rose

I know how I fit in the cosmic order of things, and am happy. That helps.

Mount Lassen

I know that every minute of every day is an adventure, and a gift. That helps.

I have this blog where I can sort out my thoughts, observations, and reactions, while sharing some of my world through the images I post here. That helps.

And, I have you, dear reader, accompanying me on this path of enlightenment. That helps.

Today’s Thought Provoking Video;

People Matter

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