Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Looking Up

It’s Positively Spectacular

This 360° true color panorama of the night sky is the perfect antidote for petty selfishness. When one can zoom in and look all around at the sheer magnitude of space and the hundreds of billions of stars with planets, (and very likely, life of some sort), it helps me regain my perspective.

Christmas tree 2013

Sunday was the JSBS Sunday Blues Jam. Monday was the Treehouse Jamboree. Wednesday is Christmas. Wow! What a glorious week this is.

Mount Shasta Sunday

There seems to be enough snow on the top of Shasta to reflect nicely in the Sunday sun. Redding will be basking in a warm, dry, Christmas this year. Other parts of the country, and the world, are experiencing much harsher weather conditions during this season to be jolly.

Christmas Eve Shasta

As you can see, the snow is mostly on top of old Shasta, (reminds me of a song). Wait. I think I’ve got it; “I’m Sitting On Top Of The World”. No, but closer. It will come to me sooner, or later.

Piece of Pie #8

Delicious. I think I will leave a piece of pie and a glass of milk out for Santa.

Smiling Venus

I took this picture of Venus from the Raley’s parking lot this evening when I stopped to get some spring water. Kevin, Mt Shasta spring water delivery man, is scheduled for the 26th, so I got a couple of gallon jugs to tide me over.

Drinking spring water, especially the water that comes out of magical Mount Shasta, is one of the choices that I believe have contributed to my greatly improved health. When I arrived here at the Treehouse on December 21, 2007, I was in very poor shape.

One of many neighborhood robins

Before coming to Redding, I spent 2 years couch surfing, and living out of my car. Fast food restaurants, canned food, top ramen, tap water, well water, and occasional meals at friends homes, were my source of sustenance. Poor nutrition, and a physical disability is not a good recipe for a happy healthy life. I am so glad to be here where I can appreciate, and embrace the healing energy and joy of living at the Treehouse senior apartments.

Surrounded by the magnificent northern California landscape, I feel spiritually fit, intellectually enlightened, and personally involved with my community. I have a lifestyle that doesn’t aggravate my physical damage, and have developed many ways and means through which to share my happiness.

And so my good friends, old and new, I wish you a very merry Christmas.

Peace and Goodwill Toward All

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