Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Music To My Ears

Stonehenge Rocks

Bluestone Ringing Rocks

Stonehenge was designed to be played as a musical instrument, making bell, metallic, and other tones at different pitches when struck with hammers. The tones could be heard a mile away. (Study)

Snow remains on Lassen

Cold nights and temperate days are making this December in Redding very pleasant, so far.

I still need to change my decorations from Halloween to Christmas. Perhaps I shall wait for the elves to do it.

Sunday’s fancy breakfast

So far, the simplified, (mostly fresh food), eating style that evolved since I moved up here, has improved my health and sense of well being. Having a Trader Joe’s in town has made it easy to get organic, fresh, and small locally prepared meals available when I am awake enough to shop. I generally go to the store around 7:30pm.

Hawk tree ornament

You may have read some of my observations and opinions regarding the negative effect that Fox news and talk radio are having on civilized society.

The methods they use to generate and motivate audiences are disruptive to the mental stability of those who watch and listen to bombings, trainwrecks, disasters, and anti-Obama stories being repeated for days on end. I see it as a reckless and ignoble use of mass media.

It turns out that Fox news is also a health hazard.

You may want to limit the amount and type of news you are viewing if you:

  • Feel anxious or stressed after watching a news program
  • Cannot turn off the television
  • Cannot take part in relaxing or fun activities
  • Have trouble sleeping

John Harrison violin, and 2 violas

I stopped by John’s shop today and saw that the newest viola was hanging next to the one the iPad iBook was written about. The one from the book is in the center of the picture, above. I thought I would experiment with light and angle to capture the character of the wood and richness of the finish.

Speaking of photography, I saw today, that someone made a film cartridge for super 8 movie cameras, that captures what the lens sees in 720p HD digital video.

Photo - Nolab

If you have a super 8 movie camera, there is way to bring it into the 21st century. HAYESURBAN has designed and developed a product that fits a super 8 camera just like a film cartridge. The unit produces 720p HD movies using your old movie camera. Great idea.

Tuesday sunset

This has been another wonderful day, here at the Treehouse. After I finish posting this piece of the journalistic puzzle that is Phil’s Place, I have a feeling that the moon will be ready for a closeup.

Today’s Video;


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