Saturday, December 14, 2013

Merry Days

Star Lit Nights

Finch in a tree outside B building

The snow came and went, taking most of the flowers with it. Some trees are bare, while a few still cling to the last of their colorful leaves.

Neighborhood cat sees dinner fluttering up in a tree

People are out in their cars, looking for that special gift, wandering from store to store. Some of the cars are festooned with fir trees, tied to the top with twine. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

A bee finds one of the few remaining nectar producing flowers

Marian let me know that the LMP Trio won’t be playing in Millbrae this December. It's time for Leona to step down as the “L” in LMP. Our trio played the Bay Area for 14 years. 

We made 17 CD's and recorded over 350 songs together. We had a good run. 

Marian writes,“It's the end of an era and it was fun while it lasted”. I agree.

Mount Lassen today

My brother, Jerry, is in San Francisco attending a wedding this weekend. He has the use of our niece Leanne's car, so he is driving up to Redding tomorrow to visit his little brother. I just saw most of the family in 1990-something at my sisters beach house near Galveston, Texas, but since he was out this way, he figured he would stop and say hello. It will be nice to see him.

Hummingbird outside B building

Today I read in the Daily Kos, and watched a Jon Stewart segment about how determinedly ignorant, (and racist), the ‘News actresses and actors’ are at Fox News. There is some woman named Megyn Kelly, insisting that everybody knows for a fact that Santa Claus and Jesus are, and have always been, white men.

I am not kidding. I think Stephen Colbert sums it up best.

Moon this evening

If you are out tonight, and can see the stars clearly, you just might see a few meteors from the Geminid shower. The bright moon makes it difficult to see all but the brightest ‘shooting stars’, but there usually are a delightful few.

This December moon, when full, is called, The Long Nights Moon. I guess they figured that one out by knowing that the winter solstice is the shortest day. I am glad I have a warm place to be during this Full Cold Moon, as it is also called.

I hope you have a place, friends, and family to keep you warm and happy this winter.

Today’s Video;

Warm Hearts Are The Best Kind

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