Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow In Redding

Icy Storms Elsewhere

Robin Snacks On Fruit

Last December, we had a brief snow on the 12th. Today we had some snow showers that began soon after I took these bird pictures.

I might add, that the cold snap we got a couple days ago has made it’s way east, and most of the country is dealing with a severe ice storm. (Story from Weather Underground)

This bird knows me

There are some Treehouse birds that greet me when they see me. I haven’t learned their language, yet. Nevertheless, they seem to be happy that I am aware of them, so they patiently repeat the messages in the hopes that one day, I’ll “get it” and speak “bird” with them.

Keeping an eye on me

The robins are not especially interested in building a relationship with me, though once in awhile, one of them will follow me for a few days as I take pictures. They tend to be skittish, and seem mostly concerned with eating.

On the balcony around 4pm

Snow showers are generally “Here today - Gone tomorrow” affairs in Redding. I was glad to have a camera handy.

With the tripod set up in the living room, I could take pictures and videos of snow falling on the balcony plants. I prefer an ISO setting of 80 to get strong detail and color density in the images. This means slower shutter speeds.

When the light is low, muted by grey skies and falling snow, I need to use a tripod to keep the Lumix FZ35 stable and steady at slow shutter speeds, or use the flash if I am hand holding the camera, (particularly on zoomed compositions).

Snowfall on the Buick about 5pm

What made this snow event even more delightful was the perfect timing.

When I began my day, I knew I needed to take some pictures with the intent that one of them could become the start of this years’ Christmas card. I thought I was going to be drawing snow on the trees, and using ‘fake’ snowflakes to give the card a wintery feel.

Then, it began to snow.

I took some pictures, just as it was getting dark, and low and behold, there were a few I could play with. Like this one (below) of Jo Anna’s resuscitated little conifer;

This turned out rather well

I went back outside a couple hours later, and the little tree was laden with snow. I took some pictures with the flash, but they didn’t inspire me like the one (above) that I “festivized”.

More snow, but….

In the morning, I will see what catches my eye, and looks good in the lens, but I think I already have the basis of this years card. I think you know which one, too.

Today’s Video Selection;

Happiness Is A Renewable Resource

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