Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jovial Jovian Neighbor

And Moon Shine

Jupiter and the Moon - Wednesday night

A picture perfect, stellar treat wrapped up a beautiful day in Redding, this Wednesday. Colorful clouds complimented the collection of the largest planet in the solar system, the constellation Gemini, and our cratered satellite.

The moon has a visitor from China. Jade Rabbit is roaming around in the Bay of Rainbows.

Wednesday’s colorful sunset

I spent most of the afternoon developing some new songs that John Harrison and I have been writing this week. We are expanding our reach to include combinations of musical influences woven into each song. The sounds are fun to hear as we play them.

The sun breaks through the clouds at sunset

Today’s music at the shop was recorded with a 2 microphone, 2 channel setup that I think works well in John’s shop. The easiest way to record our sessions there is to use the iPod Touch with a field recording App, and that is what I usually do. However, I would like to have studio quality tracks with clean separation on those special occasions when our music reaches the place where magic happens.

It will be nice to have a quality recording of stellar moments to share with you, so I will set up the good stuff whenever possible.

One of the visiting robins

November was the hottest it has been in 134 years.

California is experiencing the driest year on record. (Story)

Still hanging on

Today, temperatures rose into the 60’s, but Monday it was 89 on my balcony. There hasn’t been much coverage of the drought, or the rising temperatures in the mass media. That is by design. Mainstream media has significant financial ties to the fossil fuel industry and they don’t want people to be aware of the destructive effects of a fossil fuel based civilization.

Little blue flower

We can each do some simple things to reduce our dependency on oil, gas, and coal. Drive less, replace incandescent light bulbs with more efficient ones, turn down the heat and A/C a notch, eat less meat, turn off the lights and TV when you leave the room. Simple, basic conservation behavior that some of us were taught when we were growing up can help save the world, now.

Today’s Dance Video;

Dancing To The Music

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