Friday, March 13, 2015

A Few Ideas

And Discoveries

Bee Face.jpg

Wouldn’t it be convenient when encountering an automated phone menu if there were a number you could press to get a callback from the next available assistant?

Day 15 for Fornight Lily.jpg
Fortnight lily on day 15

“If you would like a callback instead of wasting your time on hold, press star 9.”

Pink 2.jpg
Pinkish white rose along the driveway

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones first number one record on American charts. The song was a reworking of a Staples Singers recording called “This May Be The Last Time”. More on the Rolling Stones story

Blue Flower 1.jpg
Blue Dicks

Really! I dropped the above picture of the blue flowers into Google image search and after scrolling through a couple hundred images of similar looking wildflowers, I found it. These cute flowers on 18 - 30 inch long stems are named; “Blue Dicks”.

New Circus.jpg
Baby “circus” rose

That name would have created a lot of snickering when I was in eighth grade. I imagine describing the blue wildflowers on a hike with some “adults” we know today would cause a similar outbreak of uncontrolled giggling. Try it next time you lead a hike. Let me know. Send a video and I will post it here for the rest of us to enjoy.

Bright Circus.jpg
Adult circus rose

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that I sometimes don’t use the ‘real’ names of flowers like calling this version of a Joseph’s Coat rose, a circus rose. (That is not the case with the blue dicks. It is their actual name.)

There is a Joseph’s Coat rose by the Treehouse patio that seems to invoke that image more than this particular bush, so since the driveway variety reminds me of a colorful circus I differentiate with a different name.

Purple and Gold Center.jpg
Purple and gold center flower

Can you see the center of this daisy? It is made of purple columns topped with gold flowers.

Here is a closeup;

Close Up.png
Closeup of center

Today’s Video;

Be Kind

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