Sunday, March 8, 2015

To The Arboretum

There Be Precursors Of Spring

Arboretum View 10.jpg
Beginnings of Spring at the Arboretum

Margaret Miller invited me to join her on a Friday morning Arboretum photo exploration. It was another beautiful day in Redding, California. The fair weather was coaxing the plants and animals to awaken and greet the coming spring.

Arboretum View 8.jpg
Winter foliage amidst spring colors

Thanks to the forward thinking of the McConnell Foundation there are some wonderful places in Redding that were set aside to enhance our quality of life and remind us that we thrive when surrounded by awesome natural beauty.

Hopping Robin.jpg
Look closely and see a levitating robin

The Arboretum may not be as grand today as the designers had hoped in 2003, but the magic is still here to see if you look.

For the last decade, foolish, simple minded, short sighted, small potatoes politicians here in Redding have done their darndest to cut funding for anything that doesn’t promise them quick profits.

Sacramento River.jpg
Sacramento river runs by the arboretum

I am happy to be one among the many people who see the lasting value of projects that preserve art and nature. I applaud the efforts of the McConnell foundation to preserve and enhance the magnificent beauty of this place I call home.

Blooming Treeflower 2.jpg
Fluffy yellow flowers

A leisurely stroll through the Turtle Bay Arboretum has a transforming positive influence on one’s spirit, mind, body and attitude. I am glad that Margaret invited me to join her for this Friday morning wake up and smell the flowers adventure.

Margaret Miller

If you are visiting the Sundial Bridge and you happen to see a Sundial Pedicab, Robert Ward (or someone) will pedal you across the bridge, on trails through the Arboretum and back over the bridge to where you started. Their pedicabs are a quiet, stable, moving platform for taking dolly shot video scenes, as well as still photos.

Pic O' The Day 2.jpg
Butterflies, too

I do hope you get a chance to visit the Arboretum as well as the other parts of Turtle Bay this spring. It is something special and unique to Redding.

I think that today I will replay one of my Arboretum videos from three years ago. The soundtrack is The Phil Seymour Band, somewhere in Redding around 2012 playing a song I wrote in the 1990’s.

Today’s Video;

Art and Nature

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