Sunday, March 29, 2015

Warm Sunday Afternoon

High 80’s

Sundial Bridge Sunday.jpg
Sunday at the Sundial Bridge

I have been experimenting in regards to the placement of the balcony thermometer so as to get a true reading rather than the results of sunshine reflecting off the sliding glass door into the balcony heat trap. There was an article about how highrise apartment balconies were trapping heat and making condo A/C units work overtime wasting energy and money.

Amazing Singing Iris.jpg
Amazing singing iris

A grated 4 inch space between the building and the cement balconies on highrise condos could save the residents a considerable amount of money and reduce energy demands. It seems that the architects and builders know this, but it would cost more to build cooler condo balconies, so cutting construction cost trumps efficiency and residents savings.


I tend to get a lot of email asking for money to support progressive candidates and movements to reign in out of control billionaires and overturn ideologically authored laws that erode American civil rights.

These are good causes, but I have begun unsubscribing with the accompanying message;

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Giant red rose

“It doesn’t make sense to throw money at billionaires. Use your brains and talent to persuade people to get out and vote instead of asking for money”

Recently the President pointed out how if we all voted, money would not have the power to control elections. As I recall, the republicans tried to make encouraging everyone to vote sound like a bad thing.

Enchanted Bumblebee.jpg
Enchanted bumble bee in Dean’s lavender patch

The southern parts of California have been having record heat waves while we’ve been enjoying a very pleasant spring in Redding this year. This brings me back to the balcony thermometer placement. I noticed that the spot I most recently chose to locate it was giving me readings of 97 while the Wunderground weather station on Lake Blvd was reporting 87 this afternoon.

Tiny 5.jpg
Tiny butterfly

The extra 10°was the result of heat reflecting off the glass and toasting the thermometer. I have relocated it to a more protected spot under the railing. We shall know if It works well, tomorrow. It is a pleasant evening and with the windows open my apartment is quite comfortable. Life is good in the here and now.

Small Pink.jpg
Small pink rose

I had an idea today that would have a bigger impact on reducing our CO2 emissions than requiring better mileage. I think California should immediately ban the sale of any new vehicle that burns petrol. It would speed up the sales and development of electric cars and trucks as well as set the CO2 reduction standard for the rest of the country.

Flock of moon-gulls

While we are at it, we should send the industrial scale beef factories to a state that doesn’t have droughts. These corporate owned state subsidised mega-facilities use nearly 50% of California’s fresh water from growing alfalfa through processing bloated unhealthy cattle.

We have plenty of our own California ranchers to provide healthy pastured beef for those who crave the taste of domesticated herbivorous animals. And, there is the added bonus of doubling our fresh water supply.

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Pleasant Promulgations

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