Saturday, March 21, 2015

Got To Find Some Peace

In These Troublesome Times

Butterflies hatched earlier this week

Tuesday morning there were butterflies everywhere there was a blooming bush for them to sip nectar. They had to get busy because they only get a couple of days to mate and lay eggs before they die.

Buttereyes 1.jpg
Proboscis probing for nectar

I took a ride down to Turtle Bay after I exchanged read for unread books at the library today. It was beautiful along the river as I walked the trail near the Sundial Bridge.

Sundial Bridge 1.jpg
Looking upstream at the Sundial Bridge

I observed some elusive mythological creatures as I walked on the edge of the pathway.


It was very exciting once I opened my eyes to the enchanted parts of the Turtle Bay experience. Bigfoot was hiding in plain sight pretending to be a piece of driftwood.

Not far from bigfoot, swimming quietly in a sandbar protected pool, was the Loch Ness Monster. I was lucky I had a camera with me. I seem to have taken the world's only clearly focused pictures of these elusive beasts.

Loch Ness Monster.jpg

The best was yet to come. For some reason I was compelled to look down in the grass on the other side of the path and there it was… A wood pixie.

Wood Pixie.jpg
Wings on its back as it walked in the grasses

What a day. What a great place to live. A world of wonders surrounds us with beauty and mystery. It is up to us to see and appreciate the magic of life on earth.

Shasta Clouds 4.jpg
Shasta dances with undulating veils of clouds

It’s a complex beautiful colorful world. What a gift.

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