Tuesday, March 3, 2015


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Sometimes called, “Wasting Disease”, cachexia is a side effect of organs shutting down when our body is getting ready to die. (Study)

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This condition can cause misunderstanding in those who wish to give comfort with food. When a person reaches this stage, food doesn’t taste good and is hard to digest. Trying to get a terminally ill person to eat causes unnecessary grief for both people.

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Have “that talk” you always wanted instead of insisting a person with cachexia needs to eat. Go forward in time in your mind to find those things you wished you had asked or said or done while that person was still alive. Do those things now.

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Food is how we give and receive love from the moment babies are born. For 4 out of 5 terminal people the end of life can have the added unhappiness of not being able to accept love through food. Most doctors and caregivers have not been trained in addressing cachexia with patients and loved ones.

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Tuesday moon

You are now more informed and prepared to deal with terminal illness whether it be your own, or someone else. Share this awareness with those who can use it. (I am thinking that would be everybody)

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