Thursday, March 12, 2015

As I Understand Them

Things Become Less Confusing

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Robin in the sunny spot

The U. S. Postal Service makes a profit of $1.2 billion dollars each year just on the sales of stamps and postage. In 2006, the republican representatives of private postal interests  introduced and passed a bill forcing the post office to create a reserve fund to cover retirements for the next 75 years.

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Treehouse oak getting new leaves

The USPS is expected to come up with an extra $5 billion dollars a year for 10 years to meet this punitive financial burden or be privatized by the people who wrote this legislation. There are no such requirements for any other American business. This is why the republicans keep shouting that the post office is broke.

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Bee visits Dean’s lavender

Jim Hightower explains what is going on with the post office, and what we can do about it, in the Hightower Lowdown. His newsletters are much more entertaining and detailed than my own and it’s fun to follow the antics of what he calls, “Congress Critters”.

The thing

Last weekend, I got some nice blue porcelain canisters for $3 at a garage sale. The man asked if I noticed the free bonus prize added to the set and I replied, “No”. So he showed me a porcelain doodad that was a puzzle. No one seemed to know what it was, or what it was used for.

Buzzard In.jpg

When Sandi arrived on Monday morning, I asked her if she knew what it was and she replied, “No”. I told her I was thinking of taking it to Monday music and asking the residents who come to hear Peggy and me play.

Yellow Rose 3 In.jpg
Rose seen while going to garage sales

Then I remembered I could take a picture of the thing, drop it into Google image search and probably find out what it is. Sure enough, the image combined with the right query, got results. It is a salt saver for cooking. If you need salt, you stick your spoon in and get some. It is also called a Salt Pig.

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Blooming bush behind B building

After this past week of doubling down on crazy, traitorial, treasonist activities in the House and Senate by the delusional bigoted billionaire owned republicans, I can’t imagine anyone could ever be stupid enough to re-elect a republican to any position that requires a responsible, qualified person with a working brain.

Today’s Video;

The Fog Of Obfuscation Can Be Lifted

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