Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Faster I Go

The Behinder I Get
- Lewis Carroll

Happy yellow Thursday flower

Thank you Lewis Carroll for providing us with expert descriptions of our counterproductive behavior patterns through the characters on the other side of the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. I think ‘rabbit’ hole when something ‘bugs’ me.

Liela Hydrang.jpg
Leila’s hydrangea is blooming again

This week, John restrung my new guitar with Martin 80/20 medium bronze wound strings because I felt the D'Addario light gauge nickel strings that I was using were not producing strong tones with definite pitch.

Bright White Blossoms.jpg
Ornamental pear blossoms

It made a world of difference. I was almost considering returning that guitar because it lacked pitch definition on the G string, and with all the strings on certain close harmony chord structures. Now this new Takamine guitar is truly a keeper.

Brilliant Purple Iris.jpg
Iris blooms in Dorothy’s garden

The reason for the behinder/hurry-der title is that I am a couple of blogs behind my actual timeline of photographs. That’s a good thing. It means there is an excess of stunning images to share with you and I get to reflect on the inner dialogue I was having while taking them.

Yellow Cast.jpg
Yellow and orange colored flowers

I have a fun video in the works, that I hope I can finish in time for tomorrow’s picturesque trip with Margaret to the Arboretum. The video features 2 Treehouse squirrels, an Arboretum songbird, and a few butterflies. I just have to hook up the recording stuff and write and play a soundtrack for the video.

Final Answer.jpg
Cherry blossoms

Now I wonder if I have even uploaded the last video I produced? Oh my! The faster I go…

Well then…the video I made last week
Today’s Video:

Slowdown To Get Ahead

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