Friday, March 27, 2015

More Happiness

Less Greed

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The slogan about happiness being more important than greed appeared on the Times Square Nasdaq sign in stock market ticker tape style. It was part of an advertising campaign to promote a bank that will invest your portfolio with companies that are doing business in planet friendly sustainable ways.

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There are many people who would be appalled to know that their investment portfolio was supporting wars, deforestation, strip mining and toxic messes all over the world. For some of us an investment portfolio is a hypothetical problem, but that is where the dirty industries get their money in addition to what they swindle from our treasury in tax breaks and subsidies.

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Mount Shasta in the I-5 smog

The people who represent war, destruction, and fossil fuels would like people to believe that their enormous obscene profits mean super performing stocks, but that is not necessarily true.

According to the financial wizards who keep track of where the money goes, solar industries are outperforming the fossil fuel companies. 20 new solar jobs to every 1 new job that fossil fuels have generated in the last 5 years. Organic farmed crops make a 20% profit compared to big commercial agriculture’s paltry 1.3% profits on Roundup saturated GMO monocrops.

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Then there is the biggest industry of all; War. What is it good for? Absolutely nuthin’ - say it again; Good God!

We haven’t been on the winning side of any of the endless wars our military geniuses have created since WW2. The only people profiting from these acts of murder and death are our ever expanding military operations and the industries that supply them.

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The colors of spring at the Treehouse

Investing in a mass murder industry is immoral and does not lead to a sustainable future.

Today I read about a savvy investment bank that has found more profitable ventures for you and your money. There is a good chance that will lead to a peaceful night’s sleep and a happy life, too.

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Today’s honeybee

Smart investors are putting their money in businesses that have long term sustainability and there is a bank that is,..well.., banking on it.

And now, after that exchange, I present
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Happiness Is Priceless

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