Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fun On pi Day

And Unexpected Pieces Of pi Knowledge

Dark Red Bud.jpg
Dark red bud

pi day is Albert Einstein's birthday (March 14)

Entrance Flower.jpg
In a pot by building A front door

It was Einstein who discovered the relationship between pi and rivers. The straight line distance from a river’s source to the sea divided into the actual curvy course distance is 3.14159.

Pretty Pink.jpg
Pretty peach rose

I found the Einstein and pi reference while meandering through the book, “Zoom; How Everything Moves” by Bob Berman. It is one of the more interesting collections of information that I have encountered. This book is chock full of interesting facts blended with a pleasant narrative that moves the reader along at a good clip.

Red In Bush.jpg
Red in bush revealed by the flash

I didn’t know we had new roses along the Treehouse parking lot sidewalk, until I was taking a bag of apple peels to the dumpster on pi evening. Margaret had mentioned seeing color in those bushes from a distance the previous day, but I hadn’t noticed.

Yellow Too Two.jpg
Yellow roses, too

Yes, I did bake a pie for good measure for pi day and number of other things that added up to divide my time into happy segments.

B Bee 5.jpg

pi Day has come and gone along with the pie I baked that day. I got diverted from completing this post and can’t remember where this was going. I must go on and wrap this up some how having used up all three tenses of, “go”.

New Circus 2.jpg
This rose has grown large and orange since this was taken

Don Sheely came to the Treehouse this morning and tuned the piano. This is good because last Monday I brought my keyboard to the musicfest for Peggy to play and we were reminded that she sounds so much better on a real piano.

Don Sheely.JPG
Don Sheely tunes the Treehouse piano

When I showed him the notes that were most out of tune he was delighted that I could hear such slight variances from pitch in notes as well as in harmonics. I was glad that he was conversant in musical terminology. He has a good ear, too.

He told me that his father was a church organist and piano tuner so he learned from an early age what to listen for and what to do to make a piano sound good. Thank you Don Sheely, I am so glad I called you.

Today’s Video;

Sound Principals

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