Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Changes I might have missed

October 14th
More Trees Changing Colors

Tree Outside Treehouse Apartments Office 10/14/08
This tree seemed to have changed over night. My first fall here in Redding has begun. I am told that Fall is spectacular around here.

The tree by my balcony. 10/14/08

Where Have I Been?

Verizon payphones outside 7-11 10/12/08
While waiting for a friend at the 7-11, I happened to notice they still had payphones. But what really got my attention was that they were Verizon phones! What happened to Ma Bell? When did this happen? How did I miss this?

To answer my last question first, I am selectively observant. I tend to notice a few things that other people might have missed, but I rarely notice what people are wearing or what color shirt I wore yesterday. As for the payphones, I googled and found that Verizon has been doing payphones for years.

Looking more closely at my surroundings 10/24/08

I have been given more titles. Now, in addition to being Liaison officer on the Alano Club board of directors, I am now "Emergency Lead Volunteer" for the Treehouse Senior Apartments! Sounds impressive. I guess "hall monitor" doesn't carry enough weight.

Today I actually had to do stuff as Liaison Guy, and Hall Monitor.

At the apartments we are having a fire drill. My job is to go over to the common room and check off the names of the people who make it out of the building. I am told that the alarms will go off at 10AM, and that they are very loud. I plan to wake up before 9AM so I can warn some of the people on this floor and suggest that they join me in the common room before 10AM so we wont have to subject our ears to the noise of the alarms. I hope that is considered good sense rather than, "cheating."

The building is equipped with state of the art sprinklers, so if there were a fire, it would be doused at the source in minutes without disturbing the other rooms. Even the fire department guy admitted that the safest thing we could do is just to stay in our apartments, but I am sure the fire drill will be entertaining and instructive.

My liaison duties were pretty simple. Settling disputes without ruffling any feathers was easy. Just listening to what both sides had to say revealed the solutions.

Scheduling a Halloween party at the club was just a matter of asking the people in charge if it's okay.

I wish our countries leaders could achieve similar results when they encounter conflicts and problems. So far their lack of diplomatic skills has only amplified the problems of global co-existence. Maybe we will get intelligent leadership from the coming elections.

The Adventures of Bat Girl

Bat Girl heads for Old Faithful 10/14/08

"Stay tuned for my next exciting installment."

Now For A Different Dog

Picture from Jo Anna
Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
I Am Everyday People
Sly and the Family Stone

Serenity is free.

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