Friday, October 24, 2008

Grass fire, weinies, wisdom and Woody

Woodpecker Starts Fire

Firebug bird
From the Redding Record Searchlight;

For the second time this month a tiny wild creature is taking the blame for sparking a grass fire in Redding.

Last time it was a squirrel. This time it was a woodpecker.

"It's a conspiracy," joked Redding Assistant Fire Marshal Ed Jestes just before firefighters contained a 2-acre grass fire near Lake Boulevard. "The animals are revolting."

The woodpecker's body was found beneath a power line and Jestes said it was clear that an electrical current had passed through the bird. A pile of acorns was stacked nearby at the base of a power pole.

I don't know what's going on with the animals on the south side of the hill, but the pile of acorns may be a clue.
The Weinermobile Comes to Town

Weinermobile 10/24/08
When I read that the weinermobile was in town, I just had to go see it. I needed a break from my regular happy life and here was my chance to do something totally frivolous.

Amanda the weinergirl 10/24/08
I sang the Oscar Meyer song with Amanda and a few spectators and we received free whistles.

A boy examines his Weiniewhistle 10/24/08

My Free, "Glows in the Dark", whistle. 10/24/08
When I got my free whistle home, I looked for a good place to photograph it. I chose one of my speaker cabinets as a backdrop.
I just love the way my furniture shows a deep luster and rich colors. I am so happy that Sandi is helping me keep my apartment clean and shiny.

Back to the Whistle

Testing my Glow in the Dark Weiniewhistle 10/24/08
Sometimes I forget to let go. The small stuff doesn't bother me like it used to, but I can still fall victim to my own selfishness. It's not going to help anything if I am in a hurry to get what I want. There are a few things that I think would make my life better that when I think about them too much, I get impatient. The weinermobile helped me to re-focus my energy.

I watched examples of impatience and selfishness during my Oscar Meyer experience. A lady pushing people out of her way so she could get into the weinermobile almost knocked me over on her way out. I was taking pictures of people singing the Oscar Meyer song, and...

Look out Amanda pushy lady gonna elbow you
I snapped this just as the pushy person was barreling out of the weinermobile. I have to give Amanda credit. She brushed it off and gave me the great smiling picture you saw earlier.

Another example of impatience and selfishness almost resulted in a wreck. A guy, I guess a really hungry guy, would have smashed into the Buick if I hadn't been paying attention. He was making a beeline for the drive-up to a fast food place. I noticed him weaving through the parked cars at high speed and I stopped to see what was chasing him, and, to stay out of his way. He raced across, inches in front of me, and came to a screeching halt behind the other cars in line for fast food. Had I been an average driver, or worse, had I been impatient and selfish as I was pulling out of the parking lot, it would not have been a happy situation. I wonder just how good a fast food sandwich can be to make it worth risking a bad situation?

Thinking too much in the future or the past leaves us witless in the present. I can't help everybody, but I don't have to harm anybody, especially me. I am thankful for my rich and abundant life. It is childish and unproductive to get upset about anything. Just because life isn't going the way I want it to, used to be reason enough for me to behave badly. I would still be crying over spilled milk, or acting on impulse if I hadn't reconnected with my spiritual self. God is here within me and all around me, always. Sometimes I forget and I too become impatient and selfish.

Putting how I feel about God into words is really good for me. It would be easy to copy and paste something from a great book or philosopher, but for me it would just be a coat of paint on my spirituality. I would rather arrange my electrons with direct help from God at this time. I am happy being me.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Woody Woodpecker

To thine own self be true

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