Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunset, Bat Baby, Lake Shasta and the Volcano Song

Nice Sunset Yesterday

Sunset from my Balcony 10/27/08
Sometimes the sunsets here are breathtaking.

It's A Gas, Gas, Gas...
The Rolling Stones

Price of gas on Monday, before I cleaned the windshield

Cell phone pic this evening 10/28/08
Well, whadda ya know, the price went down 4 more cents!
Impatience made me get gas yesterday, but then I was on empty. Maybe the price will be even lower next week when I will have enough money to fill it up.

The Adventures of Bat Baby

Thanks to Jo Anna for the picture
I haven't heard from Bat Girl for a few days, but the last I heard, she was on the San Juan islands. Maybe they don't have cell phone service in that part of Washington state.
This bat baby will do just fine for today's blog.

Here in Redding;

Leaves and fruit, (berries?), by my balcony. 10/27/08
Fall is falling all around me. I had planned a trip east toward Burney to photograph the fall colors, but it was not to be, at this time. The forest service has been doing a controlled burn by Mount Lassen, that has that side of the valley pretty much smoked out. It might produce an interesting effect to my photos, but then there is the matter of fuel for the car. It will, like anything else that requires money, just have to wait until next week.

On the other hand, I am just down the road from Shasta Dam, so I took a ride up there today.

Transportation provided by; Marian Sauer
It was a beautiful day for a ride in the Buick.
It looks and feels like it was made for a fall day drive up to the lake.

Driver and photographer, Happy Phil
The lake is down to early 90's level and one can see a portion of the tower that was part of the dam construction, rising as the water level falls.

Shasta dam and lake 10/28/08

If you look close, you can see a car crossing the dam.
From this vantage point, you can see some of the damage from the wildfires we had in July.
The lake is still over 300 feet deep at the dam. There was an article about the legend of the giant fish that dwell in the depths of Shasta lake. There are some sturgeon that were in this part of the river before the dam was built, so 300+ pound sturgeons, could very likely make their home in the lake.

The boat ramp is a long way down. 10/28/08

Boat ramp from another viewpoint 10/28/08

Mount Shasta looms in the distance 10/28/08
All in all, it has been another wonderful day, here in Redding.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Volcano -Jimmy Buffet

Enjoy God's Beautiful Earth

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