Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fireworks and the Fool on the Hill

October 4th of July
What a great time for the 4th of July.
The weather was a little bit chilly for me, but my shivering made for some intriguing photos.
My friend, A.J. lives down by the river, and we set out lawn chairs in an open field next to his place right across the river from where they were setting of the fireworks. I took 67 pictures with my Olympus 540.
Here are 8 of them for your pleasure.


The Unflappable Spin Doctors
Before the last presidential debate, at a rally for Obama, there was a questioner, planted by the republicans, who told Obama that his tax plan wouldn't help him because he was going to buy the plumbing business he worked for. He said his $250,000 income would be taxed. Obama's answer was cut from the sound bite, and the news media played the clip over and over before the debate.

John McCain was told to use the story of, "Joe, the plummer", during the debate. He did. A lot. "Joe would be in the poorhouse and small businesses would fail all over America if Obama were elected", etc.

A journalist looked into the facts, and discovered that "Joe the plummer" was a fraud. He actually makes $40,000, hasn't got a plummers license, and he owes the IRS for unpaid taxes. You would think the republicans would say,"Oops, we're sorry", but that's not their style.
Spin doctors to the rescue.
Make it the democrats fault.

The story now is about the democrats ruining the life of a private citizen who spoke out against Obama. Amazing!

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
The Fool On The Hill
The Beatles

Next to God we are nothing.
To God we are Everything.


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